1933 Lounge
1933 Lounge
Sliced Beef Plater on table at 1933 Lounge

Order carry-out and pick-up at Harry & Izzy’s Northside.

Harry & Izzy’s Northside is offering a limited carry-out menu while Huse Culinary restaurants are temporarily closed for dine-in service.

Pick up times are Wednesdays and Fridays between 3pm and 6pm at Harry & Izzy’s Northside location.

Purchase a gift card over $125 and receive a 20% bonus for yourself.

100% of this revenue will support our workforce as they too cope with their own financial uncertainty.

at the Yard

Our private dining room and semi-private dining areas create a warm atmosphere, while professional servers attend to all your guests’ needs. Please note, our lounge is open to those 21 years of age and older.

For more information, contact Amanda DeSchepper at 317-758-1933 ext. 161 or adeschepper@huseculinary.com.

1933 Lounge Private Dining The Boardroom


Closed off by leather doors, unwind in the 1933 Lounge’s exclusive, fully private dining room featuring one long, rectangular table surrounded by cool-toned textured walls. This room has audiovisual accommodations.

Capacity: 16 guests

1933 Lounge Simi-Private Dining The Lounge


This semi-private space features relaxed lounge seating surrounded by dark walls lined with lighting, and an electric fireplace for an eccentric cocktail party.

Capacity: 15-20 guests

1933 Lounge Simi-Private Dining Brokers Tip


Alongside the bar, this semi-private space is contained by three brick walls, including an electric fireplace and gorgeous light fixtures, perfect for intimate diners that still love to be near the action.

Capacity: 10 guests

1933 Lounge Simi-Private Dining Louis Meyer


This semi-private space is tucked in a corner behind our see-through wine cooler, brimming of elegant and defined textures and lighting, including two large beaded chandeliers.

Capacity: 8 guests

1933 Lounge Simi-Private Dining The Patio


Our all-seasons patio is temperature-controlled, fully enclosed with retractable walls, and features wicker-woven chairs, plush banquet seating and multi-level tables for an unforgettable cocktail reception.

Patio Space: Seasonal Availability